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International Assignments


October 2010 to February 2022

For more than eleven years, Steve worked with UEFA as an independent stadium safety and security expert. In that role, he was responsible for designing, developing and delivering five sets of education, training and knowledge products. First were stewards ‘train the trainer’ courses for the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine, followed by 26 other national associations in Europe and three in Asia, Second were expert seminars in violence and disorder, pyrotechnics and counter terrorism for large pan-European audiences. Third were masterclasses on contemporary topics for stadium safety/security officers and police match commanders in many individual national associations in Europe, as well as in Asia. Fourth was providing research and content management services for the Stadium and Security Expert Tool, an online application comprising videos, text entries, documents, images, presentation slides and audio sources. Fifth was the operation of the incidents monitoring desk for UEFA competition matches, for which he curated content and published incident monitoring reports.

EU-funded SAFE STADIUM Project

September 2021 to date

Steve is an adviser to this pan-European project, which has the long title of "Integrated large sport facilities protection system supporting the CBRN security of mass events". Steve has been working on the research and analysis work package and participated in a study visit to Read Madrid CF, one of the project partners.

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Event and Venue Management Institute (EVMI), Bussum, The Netherlands

2012 to 2014

Steve Frosdick was an EVMI Tutor in safety and security and strategic management. He was also involved in knowledge products work with the Institute and its sister company, The Stadium Consultancy. During 2013 he was part of the team which developed the Stadium Management Operations Guide. This was a multi-media web-based tool which covered the practical side of the stadium management business. Steve’s main area of responsibility was researching and writing the topic overviews and good practice case studies contained within the guide.

Centre for the Law and Economics of Sport (CDES), Limoges, France

2011 and 2013

Engaged as Faculty to participate in CDES Stadium Manager Diploma field trips to Germany and the Netherlands. Steve gave eight hours of lectures (in French) on safety and security management over two days of the field trips.

Thomond Park Stadium, Limerick, Ireland.

2011 to 2012

Contracted to provide 'mystery spectator' and inspection services to observe, critique and report on operational safety and security performance at this international rugby venue.

Safety and Security Review – British High Commission, Nicosia, Cyprus


Invited with the Head of Safety and Security at the English Football Association to meet government and police leaders and to observe the match operations at two high risk fixtures in the Cyprus League. Following the meetings and observations, a critique was prepared and presented to a national seminar of political representatives, police officers, stadium managers and football clubs. The critique and all-day seminar drew extensive national television and press coverage.

‘Mystery Spectator’ Services – Aviva Stadium, Dublin


Contracted by the Stadium Management Company to provide ‘mystery spectator’ services to observe, critique and report on the operational performance of the safety and security management and stewarding systems at this newly opened 50,000 capacity venue. The observations and report compared operational performance between three international rugby, international football and domestic football matches.

Matchday Organisation – Aviva Stadium, Lansdowne Road, Dublin


Commissioned to research and recommend a matchday safety and security organisation. The recommendation was derived from a synthesis of the various international guidance documents together with a comparative analysis of the matchday organisation at major European stadia staging multiple events.

Safety and Security Management – Superleague Formula


Appointed to lead the management of the safety and security function for a brand new sports concept which combines motor racing and football (see The planning work for the 2008 season involved liaison with the six European racing circuits and the 18 participating international football clubs to review their intended arrangements and to prepare the necessary risk assessments. The role also included an operational oversight function at the race meetings themselves.

Safety and Security Study Visit to London – City of Paris


Appointed by the Deputy Mayor to manage a study visit to London for twelve dignitaries from the City of Paris and from the French Premier Football League Club Paris St Germain. The role involved organising and leading a seminar addressed by leading UK experts from the Home Office, the UK Football Policing Unit, the Football Licensing Authority and Arsenal Football Club. The work also included hosting a dinner and a match day visit to West Ham United FC.

Safety and Security Audit – AS Nancy-Lorraine, Tomblaine, France


Appointed to lead a full independent audit of the safety and security management arrangements and systems at the Stade Marcel Picot, home of the French Premier Football League side AS Nancy-Lorraine. The role required scoping the audit with the club’s senior management, designing the audit tool, leading the audit team to benchmark the management arrangements and systems against UK policy and best practice, hosting a seminar for various stakeholders and writing the report (9,000 words in French). The recommendations were all accepted by the club.

UK based Assignments


March 2022 to date

Steve Frosdick is working with Glamorgan Cricket to update the stadium operations manual for the 2022 season. A table-top exercise is also being planned.

Cardiff City Stadium

2012 to date

Contracted by the Stadium Manager to research and monitor the safety, security and service risks around persistent standing by fans in two areas of the stadium. The work concluded that standing in one stand should be tolerated but managed, whilst standing in another area should be eliminated. The risk assessment was approved by the local Safety Advisory Group and commended by numerous stakeholders. Ongoing monitoring work during subsequent seasons resulted in the production of further reports setting out policies and giving updates on progress with implementing the risk management controls. Then in January 2022, policy having finally caught up with Cardiff’s excellent practice, Steve supported the stadium in becoming one of only five pilot sites for licensed standing areas – and the only site outside the Premier League. See more

Elite Sport in Wales

November 2020 to August 2021

Steve worked with the five elite sports on the socially distanced return of spectators to sports grounds. Steve participated in the regular liaison meetings between stakeholders and joined the Welsh delegation visiting the Carabao Cup Final at Wembley Stadium. Socially distanced capacity calculations were completed for Cardiff City Stadium (football), Liberty Stadium Swansea (football) and Sophia Gardens (cricket), together with a COVID-19 risk assessment covering all three venues. Individual plans were prepared for the return of spectators for test events at the three venues. The test events were evaluated on site using live Kahoot! quizzes for the spectators and observations by IWI consultants.

Fulham Football Club

March 2020 to February 2022

Steve Frosdick, Kate Adey and Ravi Sharma carried out an independent safety and security audit at the Craven Cottage stadium. Having been started in March 2020 and interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the audit was completed in three stages on an action-focussed ‘critical friend’ basis in partnership with the Club. As well as three audit reports – two interim reports and a final report – the work included a compliance audit of the medical facilities in the new Riverside Stand. All of the recommendations and other items for noting were accepted by the club and taken forward into an action plan.

Celtic FC

February 2021 to February 2022

In preparation for the easing of lockdown measures, Steve supported the club with their calculations for the socially distanced return of spectators to Celtic Park under four possible scenarios. He then carried out further capacity calculations as incrementally increased numbers of fans were permitted to return to the stadium. Evaluations of three matches were carried out on site using live Kahoot! quizzes for the spectators and observations by IWI consultants.

Steve also supported the club with evacuation planning for a new viewing gallery for wheelchair users, with a review of the event operations manual and with options for crowd management.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

December 2019 to February 2020

Commissioned by the Head of Operations, Steve Frosdick, Chris Baker and Ravi Sharma undertook an independent safety and security audit of the operations at Molineux Stadium. The report and recommendations were fully accepted by the client.

Celtic Football Club

2014 to 2018

Appointed to advise the club on safety and security management. The first part of the work dealt with the club’s proposals for the installation of a rail seating system at Celtic Park. Following the German model, such a system was intended to provide a safer environment for fans who wished to stand to watch the game. This work eventually resulted in the club making a successful application to Glasgow City Council for a rail seating system to be installed during the summer of 2016. This was the first time such permission had been granted in the UK and drew considerable national publicity. See for example Steve’s live television interview on Sky Sports News and live interview on Radio 5 Live.

The second part of the work involved a full audit of current safety and security management systems, procedures, staffing, documentation and operational performance, together with associated facilities management. The audit resulted in a further phase of work during which the recommended improvements were implemented. The action plan included operational stewarding, a new operations manual, the revision of the safe capacity calculations, safeguarding and a variety of facilities management and ticketing issues.

Going forward into the 2015/16 season, Steve worked with the club on new risk management projects involving business continuity, the stadium structure and the new club manual for operational safety and security at Celtic Park. He also remained involved in the implementation planning of the rail seating system.

At the start of the 2016/17 season, Steve carried out independent observations of the newly installed rail seating section over the opening matches. The rail seating section has been very successful and is attracting worldwide interest.

Steve was subsequently retained to carry out independent annual assessments of the physical infrastructure and safety management at Celtic Park and to provide ongoing advice on the operation of the rail seating section.

The SSE SWALEC (Glamorgan Cricket Ground)

November 2017 to March 2018

Contracted to support the Operations Department as editor of the operations manual needed to support an application for 'new-style' safety certification.

Motherwell Football Club

May 2016

Contracted to advise the club on how to prevent a mass pitch incursion after the final home game of the season and so avoid the threat of serious sanctions. A plan was developed with the club and the police and successfully implemented on the day of the match.

Football Safety Officers' Association Scotland (FSOAS)

November 2015 - March 2016

Contracted to organise the FSOAS 2016 Seminar on Integrated Safety, Security and Service. The role involved designing the programme, inviting the speakers and facilitating the event.

Confidential Client

2014 to 2015

Steve was contracted as an expert witness/adviser to lawyers acting for one of the interested parties in the new inquests for the 96 persons who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster. The assignment began with an analysis of the vast archive of disclosed documentation, using the same terms of reference as the Coroner's own experts on stadium engineering and policing. The work then involved preparing 'shadow' reports on the two expert areas and briefing the client's team of solicitors and barristers. The overall inquest on causation began on 31 March 2014 and Steve was on stand-by to give any further expert advice required until the individual inquests began on 11 May 2015.

Portsmouth Community Football Club


Contracted to carry out a two-stage review of operations at this historic stadium, the unique architecture of which presents significant operational challenges. The first stage involved an independent audit of safety and security management systems, procedures, staffing, documentation and operational performance, together with associated facilities management. The work concluded with detailed advice on revising the capacity calculations for Fratton Park. The second stage examined the retail and hospitality food and beverage operations on match days, giving advice on increasing turnover, profitability, quality and fan satisfaction. Detailed reports with recommendations on both stages were presented to club executives and taken forward into improvement plans in readiness for the new season.

Operations Manual - Millennium Stadium, Cardiff


Building on the previous assignments, Steve worked with the Stadium Director and Stadium Management Department to research and write the operations manual needed to support the Stadium’s application for ‘new-style’ safety certification. The final product was a very substantial set of documentation which was reviewed and approved by both the local Safety Advisory Group and the certifying authority.

Safety and Security Management Training - Rangers Football Club, Glasgow


Contracted to design, develop and deliver a training course for 15 newly appointed staff taking the new role of Designated Stand Manager at Ibrox Stadium. The course evaluation was extremely positive that the learning outcomes had been achieved.

Safety and Security Audit and Operations Work - Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

2010 to 2012

Contracted by the Stadium Director to undertake a full independent audit on the safety and security management systems, documentation and operational performance at this 74,500 capacity venue. The work was completed during the November 2010 international rugby series and delivered a report with recommendations for improvements, all of which were accepted by the venue management. Subsequently contracted to provide ongoing ‘mystery spectator’ services to critique operational performance at a sample of international football and rugby events, including the London 2012 Olympic Football Tournament.

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC


Contracted to provide safety and security consultancy in connection with the club’s redevelopment of their Molineux stadium. The work involves advising on crowd management options for the new North Stand, risk assessments and assistance in drafting the operations manual needed to support an application for new-style safety certification.

'Critical Friend' Review of Match Policing – Hampshire Constabulary


Contracted to undertake independent ‘critical friend’ reviews of the policing operations for high risk Southampton FC and Portsmouth FC fixtures. The role involves critiquing documentation and observing the briefings, deployments and operations at and around the grounds before, during and after the matches. Each match assignment concludes with a report highlighting the positives and pointing out any areas for future improvement.